Mimeticos ///Partner and Artist///

A whole new live art show concept wich mixes dance with painting, acting and creating a new art form in every project.                            www.mimeticos.com




Cantamañanas  ///Director and Curator/// 

International urban art festival created in 2004, that year after year receives diverse artists and graffiti writers.                                                                  www.cntmns.org




La Fama ///Co-Owner and Illustrator///      

La Fama is a lifestyle & lifeproject. It is much more than just a clothing company, it is an attitude of life.                                                                  www.lafamaclothing.com




Deltadec ///Co-Owner and Designer///

Vinyl decal design, printing and production. Local studio in Pamplona for graphic, printing and decoration works, as well event and image.   www.deltadec.com.com